Thursday, 17 May 2012

Day 6 - Longformacus to Cockburnspath (Home!) 18 miles

Back home and celebrating !

Still can’t believe we did it! But we did. Started walking at 09.15 after breakfast and a lift to the start courtesy of Midge and Cliff (as well as mid morning snack, lunch etc). Got a great start, our legs felt fine and we made good progress. Stopped for lunch just after Abbey St Bathans, then the rain started in earnest and didn’t stop! How glad are we that we didn’t have that all week?! We have been so lucky with the weather.

We had another day with a whole variety of scenery and terrain.  Quite a lot of mud underfoot but we’re used to that now!  A few animal encounters today including a number of fields of cows to negotiate which was a bit scary and one herd of cows (see photo) that seemed fascinated by us and kept charging around, running up to the fence to see us and then running away again, it was hilarious!

We both found the last few miles a bit of a challenge even though we knew it was coming to an end - it had been a long day and we were on very tired legs.

We finished at 17.45 and were met as we approached the village square by Midge and Cliff. Sandra from the village shop also came out to add her congratulations. After a few photos, we were driven home where we found banners and balloons and opened a bottle of bubbly courtesy of Helen and Raymond.  We started to feel like we had really achieved something special and are both pretty proud of ourselves!

This walk would not have been possible without the help and support of the following:

Midge and Cliff aka Mum and Dad – too numerous to mention, couldn’t have done without you!
Everyone who has read and commented on our blog – it really helped us on our way but a special thanks to Niki without whom this blog would not be!
David and Donna for signs, support and those strange tasting energy thingies – they worked!
Raymond for being Gail’s walking buddy as well as lots of encouragement and presents of great walking stuff.
Andy for putting up with weeks of Gail wittering on about everything to do with walking – the bad news is that it hasn’t finished yet!
Margaret – Kerry’s walking buddy and supplier of the best home baking and tablet !
Everyone who donated to Macmillan.
The man who moved our luggage – to think that initially we thought we would carry it all with us!!!
Lornebank B&B in Lauder – our favourite.
Bassetts – for the jelly babies

But most of all our friends and family – we love you!

Cows advancing !

The end of the walk 

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Day 5 - Lauder to Longformacus

After a fab breakfast at Lornebank B&B (a great start to the day!), we picked up our lunch from the Flat Cat Gallery (yummy baguettes with salad, olives and crisps!).

The forecast for today on the BBC was really good but as usual it was wrong! We started with perfect blue skies (and a rather cold wind) but it all went a bit pear shaped although luckily not much rain. Lots of remote moorland scenery today quite different from previous days but still beautiful. 

Can’t believe it’s (hopefully) our last days walking tomorrow although we have a very long day and the weather forecast isn’t great. We are just getting the hang of it!!

Thanks to every one for their comments on here, it has really helped us along the way, and special thanks to Niki for keeping the blog up to date


18 Miles to go !


Twin Cairns

Above Lauder

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Day 4 - Galashiels to Lauder

Didn't manage to get away until 9.5O mainly because Nurse Kerry had to administer to Gail's naughty toes before we left. It worked though and what a difference! Progress was slow to start as we walked from Galashiels to Melrose which took far longer than we expected and was not the nicest part of the SUW by a long way. The weather was really kind to us again - we've been so lucky! We had lots of sun and even a few flakes of snow to remind us it is May!

Unfortunately we didn't make as fast progress as we should because Old Limpy aka Kerry was suffering from a very sore heel/ankle which has hopefully been helped by the long soak in the bath at the B&B, Lornebank.

We are now ensconced in the Black Bull having had a great meal and now trying to decide what if any dessert we have earned.

More tomorrow!

K&G xx

14 Miles and 6 hours walking

Heading out of Galashiels

Thirstlane Castle in the background

Lauder in the background

Monday, 14 May 2012

Day 3 - Innerleithen to Galashiels

Good breakfast and off at 09.00 as planned (a first for us!) Ready for the 5K climb from Traquair to Minch Moor.

Managed to avoid the worst of the weather. As we walked we watched heavy rain all around us but only had a few very light showers to bother us - lucky or what! Must have been donning the waterproof trousers that did the trick!

Lots of climbing today - every time we thought that was finally it, another one popped up! Arrived in Galashiels feeling completely pooped but having sampled the delights of the Salmon Inn we are now feeling slightly better!

Not sure how we are going to manage tomorrow especially if the forecast snow (in May!) arrives but will keep you all posted.

A masseur right now would be heaven as we ache big time and our feet are starting to fall apart!
Aka The Ouch sisters!

Art in the hills above Traquair

Eildon Hills from Brown Knowe

3 Brethren

Sunday, 13 May 2012

St Mary's Loch to Innerleithen - 14 miles

After a good breakfast we set off at 10.00 up the loch side in cloudy, cold but dry weather. A good days walking, plenty of hills(!) and glorious scenery. When we got to the top of Blake Muir the wind really picked up and it started raining so we just had to make a slight detour to 1795 cafe at Traquair House where I had a scone and a mocha (lovely!) and Gail managed to order a large slice of sawdust cake!  Then made up for it with a huge piece of tiffin!

Just relaxing in the B&B with a bunch of cyclists!! And that's not a euphemism! 
downhill towards Traquair

Ooh it's getting a wee bit breezy !

About to cross Douglas Burn

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Day One...

Started out walking at 08.30 having had to run for the bus! Not the best start! But straight into the hills and some serious walking and fantastic scenery. A long days walking and probably the most challenging day for us both....ever, 22 miles and 10 hours on the road. We are now in the conservatory at Tiibbie Sheils Inn with a glass of wine looking out over St Mary's Loch which looks gorgeous.

Tomorrows walk is only 12 miles so planning on a later breakfast and a more relaxed departure. And also hoping to get to Traquair in time for tea.

Friday, 11 May 2012

On May 11, 2012 9:08 PM
We are fed and watered and in our room at the Buccleuch Arms in Moffat. Unfortunately there is a function on with a live band so not holding out much hope for a good nights sleep! Up for breakfast at 07.00 for a just after 08.00 start to Day 1 of the walk. Can't believe it is finally about to start!